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The ContactOne Experience

The objective of ContactOne Professional Services is to enable aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to start up their business smoothly and achieve their business targets with their available resources in the most effective way. We derive satisfaction when our clients are able to achieve their business and financial targets faster than originally planned for.

The ContactOne Experience encompasses our beliefs and desire to enable our clients to focus on their key business and let us handle support the development of their business with our range of professional and corporate solutions.

Illustrated below is a comparison of an estimation of the time and resources spent on all business activities with and without the ContactOne Experience.

Divert your time and resources towards your actual business and future expansion plans! With ContactOne Experience, you can channel up to twice the amount of resources away from other supporting activities and towards your key business areas.

Category Business and Corporate Activities Time and Resource Chart
    Self Management   The ContactOne Experience
    Your Time & Resources Your Time & Resources
Business Coming up with the business plan
Startup Incorporating a Company in Singapore
Startup Opening a bank account in Singapore
Compliance Appointing a Company Secretary
Startup Website Design / Content Development /Hosting
Startup Corporate Branding - Company Logos, Business Cards, Stationery
Startup Sourcing an ideal business location
Startup Sourcing for an ideal residential area
Startup Interior Design and Renovation of your new workplace
Startup Developing the IT Networking infrastructure
Startup Setting up an Enterprise Resource Planning Environment
Business Developing your Core Business
Human Resource Hiring talents from the local market
Human Resource Hiring talents from abroad
Accounting Accounting for your business transactions
Taxation Filing for GST
Taxation Planning for Tax
Taxation Filing for Tax
Compliance Ensuring Compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements
Human Resource Processing your staff payroll
Business Strategising for your business expansion

Startup Year


Subsequent Years of Operations


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